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Problem Connecting to web gui ZD and lost ping

New Contributor
I am connecting my zd 1100 in a switch in a vlan, i connect a pc in the same switch and in the same vlan, i ping the zd since my pc but when i try to connect to the zd web interfce since my pc, I lost the ping and the connection is not possible

Can you help me?

Valued Contributor
erroneous post, sorry.

Valued Contributor II
My gut says this is a network issue - duplicate IP? Remove the switch and direct connect - if that fixes the's something in the network.

New Contributor
Same issue with my windows 7 laptop. Lost ping and problem connecting to web GUI.
Direct connection to the ZD did not work!
Connecting trough a switch did not work!
Only able to get ping on macbook pro.
Only able to access the web gui on macbook pro.
Firmware 9.7.x on the ZD.