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Power socket on ZoneDirector is loose

New Contributor
I have two ZoneDirector ZD1100 that are very well used but get moved around a lot. From this wear and tear, it seems that the contacts of the power socket of the unit have become loose from the circuit board inside. When the power cord is connected, if wiggled around a little the power cuts out.

I'm based in New York and wondered if anyone knew of any certified repairers or such where I can get this fixed?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Mark,

We don't have a repair option unfortunately. Service on the unit by a 3rd party would technically void the warranty (but it might fix it and give you several years more service...)

They have a lifetime warranty on the hardware (return to factory which is shipped back 15days after we receive). As you work for a reseller, I suspect this is your demo unit and you may by now be eligible to buy another.

New Contributor
Hi Keith, thanks for your reply.

We're not a reseller, but supply a service which effectively provides a mobile WiFi network. As such the problem is most likely due to wear and tear carting the equipment around.

As such, is this something that would be covered by the warranty? I just assumed it wouldn't be as it's not strictly a fault.

Furthermore, the units aren't that old and I certainly would prefer to avoid voiding the warranty.


Valued Contributor II
Appreciate your honesty! I've contacted you offline with some options.