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Pendng requests with 2 zonedirectors on network

New Contributor II
I have 2 zonedirectors that run on my network, running 10 APs each but one of them is showing requests to attach to it from the APs that are already attached to the other one.

Is there a way t stop this? It looks untidy, not all of them mind, just a few for some reason.

Valued Contributor
I would suggest you read this great KB article that explains this behaviour.

New Contributor II
I can't see the 'disable auto-allow' on the AP page of the zonedirector.

I have access point policies with 'Limited ZD Discovery'

The help file talks about redundancy a lot which we couldn't afford so we run 2 units with 12 license on each.

I have enabled the setting

Only connect to the following ZoneDirector: then Keep AP's Primary and Secondary ZD Settings.

Think this is right, its a bit ambiguous.

Valued Contributor
configure...access points...scroll down to access point policies and I see this

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247924a48_f2c25735bc4909d89d5213541351e388_autoapprove_inline-5d2db0fc-61ad-4e7a-be0d-6301fcbb3198-53093941.jpg1402059393

wonder why you are missing the first "approval" option? Are you on an old firmware?

New Contributor II
I have that too just didn't type it. The Approval bit is unticked.