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Not able to install the Certificate from Symantec

New Contributor
I follow the steps,
created the myreq.csr send to symantec,
they sent back a key in text,
I copy to a txt file and when I try to import it gives me an erro:
"The uploaded certificate file does not match ZoneDirector's private key"

I don ́t think I did anything wrong.
I ́m importing it because RUCKUS DOES NOT give us an option to TURN OFF the HTTPS on the authenticate portal.

Any hint ?
Could you please help me ?

Esteemed Contributor II
You can use the following ZD CLI commands to restore your ZD default certificate, but for your Symantic CSR issue, please open a case with technical support.

SSH into your ZD, login with your admin credentials and you can reset your certificate through the command interface and this will restart your Zone Director when reset.

Ruckus> en
Ruckus# config
Ruckus (config)# certificate
Ruckus (config-certificate)# restore

• Zone Director will restart now to apply the changes in the certificate settings.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Israel,

ZD support PEM format so please ensure that cert you are trying to load is a PEM format one.
If CSR was made using Private key length of 1024 bits then ZD is expecting cert of same Private key length. Lots of them cert authority don't support 1024 ones.

If you want to generate 2048 one the got to GUI --> Configure --> Certificate --> advanced options --> Re-generate private key of a specific key length

hope this helps.