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Need (2) WiFi's. One in Bridged mode, and One running NAT. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

New Contributor
I believe I'm trying to do something simple, but it seems to have become very complex issue.
I have a Zone Director 1100, and (6) APs (7372).
I want to create 2 WiFi's.
I don't want the second WiFi to be a guest WiFi, but rather a NATed WiFi.
The idea is to have this second WiFi give out from a different IP range.
So here's what I've done and here's what's not working.
To begin, I have my first WiFi running just great, with (3)AP's running in bridged mode just lovely, and the ZoneDirector monitoring them
Next, I'm trying to set up my second WiFi with a different IP range running NAT.
What I've tried was to taking an AP and make that a stand alone AP running NAT. I would then connect (2) other AP's inside that NAT network. On my standalone AP, I've configured a WAN port, and then a LAN port. If I plug the LAN port into a switch, and then connect a computer, I get my address just fine. As soon as I plug in the WAN port into the network so my machine can get out, it doesn't get out. In fact, the LAN port seems to lock up - DHCP doesn't work anymore. I unplug the WAN port from the network, the LAN port fires up just fine again.
So, in all the troubleshooting, I decided to turn on my ZoneDirector to see if it would see the standalone AP. Well, it did, and what it did was adopt the AP and turned it into a bridged AP just like the other AP's. After turning off the ZoneDirector, the AP seems to have saved this config and is no longer running like I set it up.
I've been researching how to set up a second WiFi that is NOT a guest WiFi, and it seems like it's seriously a real pain. Does anyone have any guidance they may be able to provide? It seems like the only guidance I'm coming across is not try to do this and make the guest WiFi work in my situation. I can't do that though.
Thanks for any help.

New Contributor
I have worked this out. Thank you.