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Multiple Zone directors config on same network

New Contributor II
Because of the expensive Ruckus licensing for adding more AP's to an existing ZD1100 network, I have a client who wants to purchase a 2nd ZD1100 with 6 AP's as there are great deals for this in UK at the moment.
I was just wondering how I go about configuring 2x zone directors on the same network (Not as a redundancy zd) and configuring the AP's to be managed by specific zone directors.
Has anyone done this?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Gary Jobe,

this is doable and you just have to make one set of AP's talk only to one ZD by using limited ZD discovery option in configure --> AP --> AP policies.

You will have to configure this by keeping one zd and his/her AP's online in the network and then make them offline when you start doing for other set. Once all are set to work bring them online.


Esteemed Contributor II
Also, AP discovery prefers "set director ip a.b.c.d" first; then last ZD(s) connected to; then DHCP Option 43 and DNS resolution of 'zonedirector' hostname.

You can SSH to each AP, and specify the desired ZD IP address twice, to tell them
that this one ZD is their target.

rkscli: set director ip a.b.c.d a.b.c.d

*Free Tip: How can I keep an AP in Standalone Mode if there's a ZD on the network?
Answer: Configure "set director ip" (or any unreachable IP address).