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Mediaflex 7811 without 7111 adapter

New Contributor
Can I use Mediaflex 7811 without 7111 adapter. In short I want to connect 7811 to my motorola modem (via ethernet cable) and have 7811 broadcast wifi. Is that possible?

The Motorola modem is connected to the internet via ethernet cable.

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, that is correct. The 7811 is a 5G radio AP, and it's Ethernet connects to your
DSL/Cable modem with Internet access.

Pre-configure with a static IP address on your PC/laptop, at with
login of super / sp-admin. Use the Configuration::Wireless page to configure your
WLANs. A Video WLAN is bridged to the WAN/Internet connection (and you may
not get a second IP from your ISP), while a local Data WLAN will connect your wifi
clients to your Local Network (where you configure DHCP scope size).

Under Configuration::Internet, leave the Connection Type as DHCP, to get the AP
address from the DSL/Cable modem.

New Contributor
hola alguien me puede ayudar el mediaflex 7811 no me permite ingresar la configuración en la pc, ya hice todo lo explicado en el manual

Por favor, Inicie sesión con nombre de usuario / contraseña de 'super' y 'sp-admin'
(Try logging in with username / password of 'super' and 'sp-admin')