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Max Stations Supported still tiered or is SNMP wrong?

New Contributor II
Hi -
Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this on their ZD.  When I SNMP walk my ZD 3K, at OID (ruckusZDSystemMaxSta) the query comes back with 1250.  The release notes for v9.7 in section 5 states that there is no longer any tie between AP count and max supported stations.  If you own a ZD3K, you are only supposed to be limited by the number of clients your APs can handle.

In my case we have 50 (R500,R700,T300) APs and an open WLAN for guest access.  Even if each AP could only handle 50 clients that would be double what the ZD is reporting its max capacity is.

I'm wondering if this could be as a result of us having upgraded from an ZD1125 and having restored the config file during that process onto the ZD3K or if anyone sees this with a new install?

Little worried as I anticipate more than 1250 clients needing on during certain times.  Opened a case, but thought I'd throw this out there to see what anyone willing to check finds on their device.


Esteemed Contributor II

That 1250 figure does stand out, as it is the maximum users on the ZD1100 platform.

What's your case number?  Perhaps the TSE can get QA to evaluate.