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Mark as Malicious missing in zone director

New Contributor
In my zone director I have rogue devices listed but no option to mark as malicious. Only option is mark as known. Shouldn't I be able to user mark there as malicious if I want?

Valued Contributor II
Our assumption for the GUI is that any not marked as known are (presumed) malicious.

Your suggestion changes the state model from 2-states (known, malicious) to 3 (null, malicious, known) Can you describe how you would use that extra null bit?

Valued Contributor I inZD1100 I see possible rogue(s) and then have the option to mark as known or malicious.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40f135b77e247940f16_a2c694aa338315cc65240a897700fc77_roguemarkas_inline-06ba78d3-8512-4c4a-9075-8b17dee9461e-244714644.jpg1397728117

Valued Contributor
When marked as malicious the interface changes to...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40f135b77e24794128c_c452fe2fa265c94fafa7b954b7a5513e_rogueblocked_inline-0d92f2aa-db9b-4778-9ab7-640522862f33-967696216.jpg1397728260

Valued Contributor
Brain fart!
You can only mark as malicious if the rogue is being actively detected.
After a while the rogue is ignored and is not shown.

I have approx 8 rogues i see occasionally but they are only visible when freshly detected.
I would prefer to have a long list of all of them whether active or not but that is the way the ZD gui presents them. Perhaps Keith can explain the methodology and tuimeout reasoning?

It took a while for me to work all that out when setting up the ZD.