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Kernel Panic restarts anyone?

Seem to be getting a few Heartbeats Lost and "Kernel panic" restarts since the 9.8 upgrade - one or two a day, 7962 models only so far, random ones it appears.

New Contributor
I just started experiencing these too. I recently added a 7962 to my existing system and so far have 3 kernel panics in the 3 hours it has been up. they have hit pretty much every hour. i am running 9.7.1

i'm on version build 15 with 56 ZF7982 and I just started experiencing these too, apparently the APs random restarts.

Esteemed Contributor II
You may see AP reboots on 64mb RAM access points 7373/7962/7762 in heavy
interference, high density, or large broadcast domain subnets with many small
packets, in versions later than 9.5.3.

It is best to open a ticket with Tech Support, providing your ZD debug log, and
affected AP System Info files, to determine the root cause of unexpected AP
reboots, to compare to known issues.

Valued Contributor
Has anyone seen this on R300?