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Just enough WLAN guest security or too little ?

Contributor II
The following works for our guests but is it secure enough?

1. Configure / Guest / Authentication >> No onboarding, No authentication, Yes >>> Show terms of use
2. Configure / WLAN /
>>> WLAN Usages / Type = Guest Access
>>> Authentication Options / Method = Open
>>> Encryption Options / Method = WPA2
>>> Encryption Options / Algorithm = AES
>>> Encryption Options / Passphrase = "123fake456"
>>> Options / Wireless Client Isolation = Full

From their computing device my guests and employees find the appropriate WLAN (mentioned above) in the wireless network choices, attempt to connect, they enter the passphrase, they accept the TOU and then they connect.

This WLAN setup works for most of my users...should I be afraid?

Valued Contributor II
“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
― Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack

See -

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Keith Redfield:

Thanks for the document reference. Can we add DPSK for guests?

P.S. I am a ruckus noob!!!

Valued Contributor II
Ah, I missed the guest requirement. For that you probably want to use Guest Passes - these are often set up in reception for example and handed to guests after they sign in.

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Can more than one client log in a WLAN using the identical ZD local credentials?

If so, are there limits as to how many clients can use the same credentials?