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Issues with the R700 AP

New Contributor III
I have an issue with the following: our ZD 3600 sits on a 10.160.195.X network, i have a guest vlan of 10.160.197.X the issue is we cant get DHCP fron the 10.160.197.X network, and yet we get DHCP on the other SSID. 2nd issue i have manually configured the R700s so they would work on different subnets, some will work and some will not work. my frustration is i had them working before now i cant get the R700 to see the ZD 3600. i have updated firmware and so on. any thoughts?

Esteemed Contributor II
For your guest VLAN addresses, is that 10.160.197.x VLAN trunked to your AP switch ports?
Your guest client DHCP requests (if not tunneled back to the ZD), will hit the network at the AP.
You also need DNS on the 10.160.197.x VLAN, so your guest browsers will get a reply that can be used to "hijack" their session, to the Guest webauth login page.

I'm not sure about your AP upgrade issues, but if you can ping/ssh to a disconnected AP, you can try issueing a "set director ip a.b.c.d" CLI command with your ZD's IP address, and then a reboot to point the AP.