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Is there some kind of lab for testing ruckus devices and OS?

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Some context:

I have a project in which we intend to backup configurations using oxidized with git. The network is heterogeneous and contains other devices like juniper and cisco and those are already supported by oxidized. Ruckus devices are not supported though and I need to learn its cli, create a model for its support on oxidized and test it. Testing other devices, like juniper and cisco, can be done through labs like that I can reserve some machines and ssh into them.

The first device I will be testing is ZoneDirector 3000.


Is there something equivalent to jlabs for ruckus devices? Or the only option is getting access to real devices from the client?


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I suppose as Ruckus management interface is much more streightforward, than Cisco or Juniper, also WiFi remote training is much less efficient, I don't any remote lab providing such access.

We had remote labs with Cisco, Alcatel and Watchguard equipment before, and now because of COVID, we created also lab to support Wireless training. It includes Ruckus equipment too. We could propose access to that, including even ZD3000 you mentioned. If you are interested, you can contact me. I just want to remind that ZD3000 is old device (EOS for 2 years already).

Access to lab is done through SSL portal, so for access you need just browser. We can provide necessary virtual machines and APs for any testing, as well provide direct access to devices through web and ssh, if required.

Hope it helps


I am interested in lab access. What is the procedure? 

If there is access to ZD3000, that's great. Otherwise, if you can point one that should have a similar CLI it would already be a good start for testing.

Another piece of equipment we have listed is ICX 7450.

I would need ssh access, so it is good this is an option.

Let me know if the conversation should continue here or through another channel.

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We can provide access to ZD3000, as well as to ICX-7150 switch (all ICX switches have same CLI, software version is important, as there were changes made recently by Ruckus, integrating them into SZ controller).

Take into account, that in nearest future all ZD3000 need to be replaced by SZ or vSZ controllers, as ZD3000 platform will be not supported very soon, and isn't updated for 2 years already. We can provide for experiments remote lab with vSZ and some APs and switches too. 

I suggest you contact me directly, our web page is, my e-mail is, to discuss commercial things.