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Is it possible with some product of Ruckus to know what are doing the wireless user in real time?

New Contributor II

I need to know what are doing the wireless users: what pages are surfing, the most useful internet application, the most useful browser, etc.
I need to know not only statistic about ruckus network funcionality, also know the user activities.....


Valued Contributor II
You can get some of this with our SCI product (but it was designed for carriers and can hold a years worth of data so is a bit pricey).

Browsing activity we don't track so you'd probably want to combine with some product (squid proxy or similar) which does that to get a complete picture.

Application tracking in our 9.8 release + the proxy above might give you most of this. A lot depends on how much data you need (ZD does mostly "point in time" reports). FlexMaster can add up to a month of trending as well as additional capabilities.

9.8 has Application and Client OS pie charts on the dashboard, makes it really easy to see what websites/applications are being used the most, and what types of clients are on your network.

It doesn't have browser identification, but still, it's pretty cool. 🙂 Image_ images_messages_5f91c414135b77e247950380_53b39a2a9b38336cf0321cc68287397c_9.8piecharts_inline-4d86d378-ca0f-4161-9258-5f046dc9111f-307965366.png1406879189

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does anybody know if there is a way to hold these informations to do reporting?

Depending on which reports you need, FlexMaster may be the product for you. Check the FlexMaster documents to see if its reports will serve your needs. If not, then as mentioned above, SmartCell Insight can be used to maintain years worth of data for very intensive and customizable report generation.