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Is it possible to switch a users vlan after authenticating with the hotspot?

New Contributor II
Is it possible to have Hotspot service with with two VLANs setup ? When user initially connects to WLAN, Ruckus should put him in VLAN X, where he does authentication routine. Upon authentication, controller should move user to VLAN Y. There is dynamic VLAN option in the settings, and we can send VLAN ID in Access-Accept, but it's grayed out, and as far as I understand it's only available in case WPA authentication is enabled, which is not suitable for public hotspot.

New Contributor II
Yes and NO,
Yes you can change the vlan but there is no way to tell the client you have done so.

So the client will get an IP address authenticate then if you change the vlan it will have the wrong IP.

Now if you introduce a NAC solution such as Bradford Or Packet fence they change the Vlan by kicking the user all the way off so when it comes back it is on the right VLAN.

Hope that helps