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Is it possible to schedule a complete shutdown and a wake up for AP's?

New Contributor
I know i can schedule each WLAN to shutdown but not the AP it self. If this is not possible, i have the workaround that i time my Switch port to shutdown and wake up.

Thanks for your Help

Hi Sandro,

I'm just the moderator here, but I did see this thread -- not sure if this will help, let me know. Otherwise, many of our SMEs will be back from the US holiday tomorrow, and someone will get to you.



Valued Contributor II
Hi Sandro Petruzzi

AFAIK, there is no way at this time to do auto shutdown and wakeup of AP as we do with WLAN schedule.

Curious to know why you are looking for this? Security? saving power?

If there is a real and useful business case then probably you need to be in touch with your regional system engineer to consider it and take it to product team.


New Contributor
Thank Cerdelia, sadly not works for me.

Hi Monnat,
the WLAN schedule i have integrated in my project but that's not enough for my Costumer. It's a Hotel and during the night-time he don't wanna electrosmoke, and he will see that's the lights on the AP's turns off and no signals came from the AP's. I know you can turn off this lights but not time scheduled...

So i think that would be enough to can turn off the lights of the AP during scheduled time. In other ways you have great Productsè

Best Regards from Switzerland

Valued Contributor
As with Monnat's reply I cannot see a way to auto shutdown/reboot on schedule for individual APs.

If they are POE and your switch allows for POE by timer then that would work.

Isn't the scheduled WLAN good enough as that kills the wifi coverage very effectively and can be done in 15min increments. Perhaps you are trying to stop use in a certain area while allowing others on the same WLAN to continue uninterrupted. Just speculating.