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Is it possible to authenticate clients Through Azure/Office 365?

New Contributor
I would like to know if it's possible to authenticate wireless clients through Azure AD/Office 365? Right now we use Radius with a local AD. The local AD is going to be 'replaced' with Azure AD premium, so we are looking for a different solution.

New Contributor
I want to authenticate my office 365 account but no matter what I do I get an error which is called Microsoft office error 30034-4 

New Contributor

Not really. Free MS accounts and Office 365 accounts are considered the same when you choose 'social media' to authenticate. I solved it by linking our Azure (on-premises) AD with O365 AD, via Azure AD Connect. I have set up a radius server on the on-presises AD that I use as Ruckus authentication.

New Contributor III

We have created an azure / Office365 solution for Ruckus (Smartzone). We are looking for companies that want to test it.

Users can login with their Azure/Office365 credentials and receive a DPSK. You can define in which user role we create the Dpsk based on groups in Azure/Office365. You can also choose to block certain groups. If the user leave the company/school we automatically delete the Dpsk. So everything is in sync.

Solution is fully cloud based and you can make a connection with Ruckus in 2 minutes.


Login screen (front end)



Landing page after login

Assign azure groups to user groups in Ruckus or block groups

Jonas, I work at a small university and we're looking for this type of solution.  I'd love to test out your product.  

Doug, can you send me an email on I will create a demo account for you.