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Intervlan Setup

New Contributor II
Hi All,

Having problem with setup of our Ruckus.

* Zd in connected via access port with access vlan 401, our network has multiple vlan in different offices around the site.
in these switches the AP's are plug into a trunk port with trunk allowed vlan 401 now this switch is connected to yet another switch going to the switch where the ZD is connected, they are connected via trunk with 401 as main ruckus trunk and (411,199) as additional trunk later on, trunk allowed.
we had experienced macflapping with this setup especially when AP's are meshing
so we turned meshing of.

Everything got connected despite flapping issue.
Now on the zd under the system it says it's still on vlan 1 so i changed it to vlan 401 now i can't access the zd.

Q1: should i just reset the zd and restore the old backup.

Q2: Can we setup Ruckus wherein the Access Points will be connected to access port and the ZD on a trunk , while the trunk between the switches
will only allow one Main vlan not needing to manually add additional vlan on the trunks when needed.

Sorry for my english.

Does anybody experienced this before.
Hope to hear from anybody.


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Would this be posible

Esteemed Contributor II
Whether you specify the VLAN used by ZD/APs as "native" will determine if traffic is tagged or not. If you have untagged VLANs, you specify VLAN 1 on the ZD system
access VLAN, and AP Policies Mgt VLAN. If you tag the VLAN (401 or 5), then you
need to match that VLAN ID under Configure/System and AP Policies VLANs.

New Contributor II
Thanks Michael,

We'll review the suggestions you made and inform you in case we have a problem.