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Increase log size and see available storage space on ZD3000 running 10.1

New Contributor III
Hi everyone,

I really have two questions.

1) What is the storage size on the ZD3000 and how can I check how much available do I still have? We'll start adding floor plans and this is something that is of concern.

2) The event log limit on it is 2500. Can this be increased?
If not, what are the alternatives?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Andrew,
   I don't think you'll run out of storage for floor plans on a ZD3000, unless there aremany of incredibly big size!  In general, the memory is shared with internal user DB,WLAN definitions, and configuration. Running HotSpot or internal Guest Access willrequire resources though.
   Customers who need to review/analyze Logs typically setup a Syslog server witha greater storage capacity.

New Contributor III
Thanks for coming back to me Michael.
I'm looking at probably adding about 120+ floor plans.
On average we'll be looking at 0.3 - 0.4 Mb per image - do you reckon 500-600 Mb are available for this task?