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Idle ZD1100. Is it worth it to get a license and use it?

New Contributor III
So I have six 6-600 APs running in unleashed mode and so far very happy with the performance. I have them in a small 44 unit hotel, and since the day I put them in, have had nothing but compliments about the wifi! 

I also have an older ZD1100 sitting idle. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get the license renewed and if using it to manage the AP's would add much in terms of functionality, as opposed to what I have now. 

What would a license for six AP's cost?

New Contributor II
In my opinion yes, I currently have 31 access points with an rucks 1200. I am able to see signal percentages or Dbn for each customer.

With R600's I wouldn't recommend a ZD1100 as your very limited on the firmware versions you can run and the ZD1100 is end of life, you may not be able to purchase licensing at this point.  I have the ZD1200 and like it better than Unleashed.  There is no way I'd consider a ZD1100 to manage your R600's.

Good point Tod, I had forgotten about the end of life on the 1100