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How to setup external DHCP server.with Ruckus

New Contributor II
This might be the basic Idea and extremely sorry if that was asked earlier. Since I am novice and just starting setting up Ruckus would like to know how do I setup Ruckus with external DHCP server. I have AP7362, ZD 1106

New Contributor II
Thanks once again.

And referring to your first topology which is an simple one. Can I implement Guest Access with single network or do I need to incorporate L3 witch and then implement Guest VLAN?

Well eventually I need to implement Guest Access with simple topology that you have shown in first diagram.

Hi Blason,

There are two option for the authentication .

Use guest pass authentication: Redirect the user to a page requiring the user
to enter a valid guest pass before allowing access to the guest WLAN See
Working with Guest Passes.
• No authentication: Do not require redirection and guest pass validation.

You can create the L3 interface on the router if you don't have L3 switch.

Hope this helps.


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