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How to customize ruckus guest pass generation portal

New Contributor II

In Ruckus guest passes generation portal, there are multiple mandatory fields to fill,
i want to make below changes,

Creation Type : should be always single
Valid for: should not give a option more then a day / need to remove the weeks option
Email : should be mandatory field
Shareable : Should be disabled / should not give a option to go more then 1

All created guest access should be removed by with in 2-day's of creation.

Can any one please help me with customizing the ruckus guest pass generation portal with the above requirement,

Esteemed Contributor II
As your suggestions would require a change in code, you'll need to have your Ruckus SE or Account rep submit a Feature Request on your behalf.

New Contributor II
Getting the change from the ruckus will be difficult/will take more time.
is there any API for the zone directors?, so that i can create a customized guest pass generation portal
is there any option to generate a guest password through CLI using commands,

Contributor II
I happened to bump into your question today only. Sorry for such a long delay.

Both ZoneDirector and Unleashed supports 'Self-Service Guest Pass' for a long time which  I believe supports all of your needs.

Creation Type : should be always single (Rucks config: 'Max Device' - default is one device)

Valid for:  (Ruckus config: 'Access Duration' - default is one day)

Email: (Ruckus config: 'Notification Method' - when you choose Email as notification method the guest pass will be emailed to the email address provided by your guests. This will make them to provide a valid email ID)

Shareable: (Rucks config: 'Max Device' - default is one device)

Does this meet your needs?



In this situation, if the customer who is asking for the guest pass is not on the network, how can they receive the email with the guest pass inside? Is it possible to grant access once the email/phone number box is filled, and not verify that the contact info is valid? Thanks!