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Help on ZD1200 - don't know license status

New Contributor
I bought a home that had a ZD1200 with it, and I don't need it. I can't find any documentation about licenses. Wihtout contacting the prior owner, is there a way to figure out what licenses are attached to the device? Or are they maintained in another way?

Contributor III
The device has a lifetime license. If you have less than 5 Access Points in the house, then it probably came with the base license for 5 APs. Otherwise, you probably have as many APs licensed as are in the house. The licenses are lifetime, but you can't upgrade the firmware unless it has a proper support contract on it.

You can login to the system but you'll need to do a password reset if you don't have the account information.

Worse case you could do a factory reset which will NOT wipe your licenses:

Note : Resetting ZoneDirector to factory default settings will erase all configuration changes that you made, except for AP licenses and SSL certificates.

On the front of the unit you would find hole marked with F/D, you need to use paper clip insert/press and hold it more then 5-10 seconds once you release should observer the STATUS led with red and then with flashing Green which indicates the unit has been successfully factory defaulted/reset 

default username / password is admin / admin and Default IP of ZoneDirector is