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Guest pass not working, asking for wifi network security key

New Contributor
My guest pass system isn't working, when connecting to the guest ssid users are being asked for the network security key instead of being connected automatically and redirected to the guest pass login screen. I haven't changed anything on the zone director until 2 days ago when i rebooted and updated the firmware but this didn't fix my issue

Valued Contributor II
Hi Brendon,

Can you clarify:

What version are you running?
It was working or it never has worked?
It stopped when?

You say you upgraded to try to fix the issue. What were you running, what did you upgrade to?

Sorry for all the questions. If this is urgent, please go ahead and open a case

New Contributor
Hi Keith,

The support desk fixed my issue.

I had another SSID with a similar name that was causing the issue. They logged on and fixed it within a couple of minutes.

Thank you for your response.

Valued Contributor II
Great! Thanks