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Guest Access

New Contributor
I'm trying to set up guest access to our ruckus wireless network
Ive configured the Guest WLAN and set up the guest pass.

When I try to connect to the Guest network web page opens "Welcome to Guest Network" Enter password, terms of use page appears. Accept and Continue, redirecting then error message appears "Error opening page Hotspot login cannot open page because it is not connected to internet'
Help would be appreciated


Valued Contributor II
Is this on any device? Or one type in particular?

New Contributor
I'm having the same problam after switching guest internet modem.

(zonedirector 1100)

The modem/router does work, wired connection to the vlan works like a charm.

New Contributor
We have this redirect problem on guest access networks but only for
apple devices (ipad, macbook pro so far). Android for example redirects OK.
The apple devices stay connected, just doesn't redirect. Backing out, starting a browser and entering a url works.
I have a "feeling" this might have something to do with the apple CNA - Captive Network Assistant.
Can be disabled in 9.7 I think.

Haven't tried it though since we are still on 9.5 and am waiting (with bated breath) for 9.8