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Give flashing LED option to APs

Valued Contributor
I would like to see a flashing option for LEDs on APs to help find them faster when users either don't document their location or they don't document it correctly.

Maybe there could be an additional button in the Monitor :: APs menu next to SpeedFlex and those other buttons there.

What you have to do now is unplug each AP and wait for it to be registered as disconnected in the ZD GUI.

New Contributor II
Great idea!

In the mean time, you can flip the AP over and check the MAC address on the bottom.

Valued Contributor
Thanks for responding Alf.

I'm not talking about having APs on the desk and checking the serial or AMC. I'm talking about having APs deployed. What if they are on the ceiling anywhere from 3 to 10m up?

Many times descriptions of APs don't match their true locations.

It's was an idea. I've seen switches that have this flashing feature so you could find them if you have a cluster of them in your rack.

It goes in the basket of things nice to have, but not paramount.

Contributor III
I know LLDP is already a feature request.
That would help. (assuming you know where your wires go)

Another thing/option/method would be to check the mac-address tables in your switches to see where the mac address for each AP is. (switch and port)

Getting management access could be tough if you're a contractor and/or have to deal w/ multiple brands of switches, etc.
There are a number of "network discovery" tools out there that should let you locate MAC addresses via SNMP.

So far, this only helps if you know where the wire is going.

If you've got managed PoE switches, you can then shut down ports where the APs are connected to see which AP turns off.
(essentially unplugging them, like you suggested)

If you're lucky, you can do this without running back to the wiring center.

Having an AP "ID" light would be a lot easier.

Valued Contributor
This feature is not about knowing where your wires go. I don't want to look for MACs in switches as it is pointless and many times you even don't have access to your switches nor do you know where your wires go.

If you power cycle APs it takes alot of time and you keep disconnecting clients, which usually is a problem.