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Firmware downgrade to AP (R710) from 10.5.x to 9.20.x

New Contributor II

I upgraded the firmware on a ZoneDirector 1200 to build 176 this was a replacement of ZD1200.  When I tried to associate the access points R710 it keeps failing the firmware upgrade.  The logs shows "Failed to upgrade AP image from to ?

Also, how to I rollback from a standalone firmware unleashed to a manage one


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @hugo_escobar_82


There are two ways to fix this issue,

1. Reflash the APs with any standalone code 114.x, which could be time consuming, as you would need to factory reset each AP before performing upgrade. 
2. You can run below AP CLI commands from each AP, which allows the AP to contact ZD FTP server and download the firmware.

fw set control r710/
fw set proto ftp
fw set host <ZD IP>
fw set user ftpuser
fw set password Rks@zdap1234
fw update


Make sure to update the ZD IP in above code, post update reboot the AP to let the AP bootup with new image 10.5.1.




I'll give this a try thanks!