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Download Generated Guest Passes with validity time?

New Contributor II

Is it possible to download the multiple records of the guest passes with the validity time in it?

I would like to use the exported csv file to create guest passes to print with word like business cards or something. The exported csv file contains only the fields: Guest-name, Key, Remarks and Expire date. I like to see the validity time.


New Contributor II
Hi Wouter,
I have the same question. Did you find the answer to this so far?

Esteemed Contributor II
Not available today, so it would require a Field Request through your local Ruckus VAR or account team, with your business case to help influence our Product Marketing managers to consider.

New Contributor II

Hello Bobby,

I'm using the field 'Remarks' to use the validity time, I'm importing for every type card a CSV file.

#Guest Name(must), Remarks, Key (Empty implies random key)
Wouter,1 Day,

This way I can import max 100 guest passes at a time for the specific “Valid for” time. Then it is possible to export the CSV file and use Remarks as the “Validity Time”, I use the CSV for Word to create sort of business cards as guest passes and use the "Remarks" as the valid for time.


New Contributor II
Nice. I did that and it should suffice.
Thank you.