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Does anyone know when provisioning will support Android 5 & Windows 10?

New Contributor II
We've been hearing that Lollipop (Android 5) will be supported in the next release for months (and there have been multiple interim releases to the 9 chain during that time) and still no auto provisioning for Android 5. And now we're seeing Windows 10 not running Auto Provisioning (and MS is reporting over 75 Million devices now have Win10 on them).

Does anyone here, or if you're with Ruckus, know when we might start seeing better support and updates of client platforms?

Are we still hoping?

New Contributor II
I just finished installing 9.12.1 on our ZD1200, Zero-IT still does not work for Lollipop. The APK downloads but gives an error "There was a problem parsing the package" when trying to open it. Have to say, I'm pretty disappointed, I'd much rather have Zero-IT work than have social media WLANS.

New Contributor II
Are you guys freaking kidding?
Social Media logins? What the hell? 

It's been going on a year now since we were told that Android 5 would be supported in "the next release". News flash - you're 4 releases past that and no Android.

And even though your compatibility matrix says Windows 10 works, there are already people reporting that it doesn't work.

I love the RF engineering - far better than anything else on the market - but at this point I'm ready to rip out a 100 node network and dual 3000's and put in Cisco. And with how much I hate Cisco, that's saying something.

Can you guys actually focus on what's needed, and stop goofing around with crap like Facebook logins?

I couldn't agree more. I would much rather have the features my co-workers need than the features my guest users don't need.

New Contributor III
I just tested Zero-IT for the first time for our school. The setup went well, but when it came time to test auto-provisioning both my test computer and smartphone failed to do so. Lucky me, my computer just happened to be on Win10 and my phone is on Lollipop.....

At least now I know that I didn't do anything wrong with the setup, but definitely add me to the list of those admins who really need auto-provisioning packages for up-to-date clients.