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DPSK activation issues with windows 8 tablets / mobile devices can't manually copy DPSK

New Contributor III
One of my customers has some issues with the DPSK activation process through the zone director (Firmware

1) Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8 Tablets attempt to download Prov.exe and it states that it is not compatible with this operating system. Is 9.7 going to resolve this issue?

2) Occasionally an android phone will not properly download Prov.apk, however, manually copying the DPSK proves to be impossible because the activation page displayed by the zone director appears to prefer you have a mouse to highlight the DPSK. When you attempt to Long Press + Select All + Copy on a mobile device, this does not work because it attempts to copy the entire box instead of only copying the plain text DPSK. Are upcoming ZD releases planning to resolve this issue?

New Contributor II
Found the same problem when trying to copy the key from a windows phone device. Does not prompt for the copy option so unable to provision the device using this method.

New Contributor
I too have had the message - not compatible with this operating system - when trying to download the prov.exe to a Windows 8.1 Surface RT tablet. I am running build 44. I am just starting to look for solutions to this problem. I hope to implement BYOD and this is one thing holding it up.

New Contributor
Same problem looking for a solution. Is there a plan for solving the problem?

Valued Contributor II
There is, but we don't have a firm timetable for support yet.