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Customer "real life" experiences with a redundant / fail-over ZD??

Contributor II
Any one out in Ruckus-Land ever actually have a prolonged ZD disconnect where the redundant ZD helped you for more than 1-2 hours?

If so, did the prime ZD actually have a hardware failure? How often?

Related: How many wifi clients do you normally have on a daily (business hours) basis?

Please add any additional information you believe is helpful to this topic.

Valued Contributor II
Perhaps another way to ask is "Have you had your _only_ ZD fail?" (and how'd that work out...)

We do have a limited autonomous WLAN feature coming in 9.7 which makes this more robust and easier to deal with. And combined with a support contract for quick delivery of a replacement, this offers good backup protection for most networks. But if you need high availability..redundant controllers are the way to go.