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Currently Active Clients listing, include "bytes transmitted to"

New Contributor II
In the Currently Active Clients listing, is it possible to include "bytes transmitted to" in the cross table?  Currently I need to visit each active device to see this information.
Using ZD1106.


Valued Contributor
Would be useful, at moment best quick look is the 5 top clients usage summary on Dashboard...but that is by MAC not  name so still a struggle to see (at a glance) who is being the b/w hog.

Reporting is one of those things that in my scenario (large school) I want lots of of whereas other deployments just want set up and forget so there's not a great deal of pressure/demand for this stuff.

I'd rather have someone bug squashing and code checking than rushing to make the gui pretty or produce more info!

New Contributor II
Thanks! The top 5 widget is sufficient.  I don't need to know whose device it is, just whether or not there's a bandwidth hog.  I can then kick them out and if they come complaining, I'll know.

Thanks for the tip!