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Configuring 2 SSID on ZoneDirector 1100

New Contributor II
Hi everybody !
I have a ZoneDirector 1100 and 3 AP which are normally detected by the ZoneDirector.
Before I had one SSID which was connected to a captive portal and the users used that easily.
Now, I want to have 2 SSID on all my AP but both are treat differently.
The first one will
be called "Users"
have specific IP network number (ex
have a specific DHCP
have a captive portal

The second will
be called "Guest"
have specific IP network number (ex
have a specific DHCP
Firewall restrictions

My firewall Pfsense (DHCP) is connected to the ZoneDirector which is connected to the APs.

I have tried to use VLANs for each SSID but when it is in use, the communication between the ZoneDirector and the firewall don't works.

How can I create my two SSID ?
Can you help me please ?

Thank you in advance

Valued Contributor II
Dear Gwendal PRAUD,

What you are trying to achieve is VERY standard and easy to do. What kind of issues you are seeing and which ZD firmware is in use?

New Contributor II
I configure the SSIDs on the ZoneDirector, I tag all the path (Switches) between ZoneDirector and APs and the path between the firewall and the ZoneDirector.

I configure both sub-interfaces and DHCP server and allow all trafic on the firewall.

When it's done, I can't communicate with the ZoneDirector and when I connect my PC to any SSID I can't have IP address.

I'm not at work today but I think the firmware version is

Thanks for helping me

New Contributor II
And after moment the APs don't emit any more, I think they can't talk with the ZoneDirector.

To set up the SSIDs, I do the same thing than before (when I had one SSID) but I set the VLAN ID in advanced settings for both WLANs.

Pfsense firewall is on a VMware machine does it change anything ?

New Contributor II
Excuse me the version of ZD is build 15