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Client Disconnetion - IP:

New Contributor II

our smartphones have no internet after an indefinite time. Both androids and iphones are affected by this. The notebooks work without problems.

If I pull a log from the accesspoint the concerned mobile as ip address the In Zonedirector monitoring, the phone has still hours later a valid ip address.

On Handys the hibernate is disabled. Sometimes the phone works for hours and then again only a few minutes. Even if it is permanently on the table.

This is of course very frustrating , especially since the Ruckus support could not help us.
Any ideas?

Does it supply ip address at Firewall or server?

I will try static.
But why does it sometimes work for hours?
And the notebooks always work.
That makes no sense.

I experienced similar issue two times one month ago.

The main problem was dhcp server.

At that time, windows device works good, otherwise apple device works bad.

Reason was very lately reponse packet(dhcp-offer and ack) form dhcp server.

If you meet the problem ervery hours. I think problem is dhcp server.


We have had some weird WiFi\Cell phone issues (only on some phones).  Created a seperate SSID and only enabled B&G  Also rolled back security to just AES.  Phones have had no issues since...


we changed the channellization from auto to 20 mhz in both channel 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In addition, each access point has now a fixed channel. Since then our wlan is more stable.My two test devices (iphone and android) run for weeks without interruption. Before the connection collapsed several times during the day.

Thank you for your support.