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Cant Access 7341 Super Account

New Contributor II
What is Ruckus 7341 Default Access? I've tried super:sp-admin but failed even after factory reset.
The model stated on my unit is "Ruckus 7341 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP". Is it different than ZoneFlex 7341?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Ho Chee Seng,

As per page 38 at ZF user guide at

following are the credentials for a standalone which you got it right.

User name - super
Password - sp-admin

Ruckus 7341 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP and ZoneFlex 7341 are all the same.

If it is getting RESET ok and shows you login page on the browser however does not accept the standard credentials then i think of following:

go for a different browser like chrome or firefox to be sure.

I read somewhere in the forums that units supplied in bulk to operators or ISP by Ruckus usually have different set of credentials. Where did you get this unit from?
If you got from a reseller then check back with them if they have given you a standard unit or not.

I hope this help.

New Contributor II
Apologies... Web admin not accessible on chrome for some unknown reasons, prompting wrong password.
Accessed using Internet Explorer successfully.