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Can OUI be used in an ACL

New Contributor III
Is is possible to make a ACL that uses the OUI of a manufacturer to limit access.?

We have a bunch of Hand Helds that we want to use on a particular SSID.

Seems that some ACLs we have used cause the HH to take over 4 minutes to login.
If we have no ACL it takes about a minute. I want to reduce the logon time.

ZD3000 with latest image

Valued Contributor
That would probably be a cool feature.

But tell me, did you make a "Device Access Policy" that you're having problems with?

Valued Contributor II
ACLs or NO ACLs causing delay in login is something i would say is interesting.
Do you see this delay if you use NO ACL's and NO security or encryption on WLAN for HH?

New Contributor III
We do not se as bad a delay if we have no ACLs or security.

Still researching

Valued Contributor
Maybe if you would capture some packets when a client is performing the auth/assoc you could see who is taking so long to make the process happen.