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Can I restrict Radius authentication to specific number of devices?

New Contributor III
I currently have ZD1200 set up using local database which binds the user to a specific mac address when they connect so the code cannot be used multiple times. Is there a way to use Radius/AD so that the user can connect a device to the SSID using their AD credentials, then that device is bound to those credentials so they can't connect another device with the same credentials (until an admin goes into ZD and deletes that binding)?

Contributor III
If you’re on v10, a zd1200 supports a max of 150 APs, 4000 DPSKs, and 4000 clients. Why would you want to use external DPSK?

Contributor III
You could set up a provisioning network and use zero IT. Users connect to the provisioning network and authenticate to either active directory or the local user database. The controller then provisions the device, disconnect the device from the provisioning network and connects it to the production network.

New Contributor
Yes, you can set the limitation and block the access. For more information have a visit at