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Bonjour Gateway and iOS 8

New Contributor
Is anyone else having major issues with AirPlay and other services provided by the Bonjour Gateway after the release of iOS 8???

With iOS 7.x, my users were able to use AirPlay and AirPrint through the Bonjour Gateway just fine. When trying to AirPlay, a list of all Apple TV's would come up just fine.

Since moving to iOS 8, users are constantly reporting that the nothing is in the list of AirPlay devices... Most have to do a full shutdown of their iPad and turn it back on before the list of AirPlay devices will populate. Same is true when going to print.

New Contributor III
YES but you don't need a Bonjour Gateway! We are seeing these problems with Apple TVs and wireless clients on the same VLAN. Also some times the AirPlay option just won't appear on the iOS device.