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Assign different IP range to WLAN

New Contributor
2 WLANS manage by ZD 1200
PWLAN = for local workstations
WifiWLAN = for internet access
DHCP servers assigning IPs

PWLAN is working well, now I want separate WifiWLAN from our local subnet how can I accomplish it, (ex: assign to WifiWLAN)

we have 2 gateways for workstations without internet and for workstation with internet


New Contributor III
Depending on what switch / firewall infrastructure you're using you should be able to assign different VLANs to each SSID / WLAN and then use a trunk connection to the ZD1200 with the two VLANs as members. DHCP allocation on each VLAN can then assign different IP ranges and your switch/firewall can block traffic between VLANs.

New Contributor III
Hi Robert,

This will be simple. 

Make sure there is vlan pool available on your local subnet for WifiWLAN and there is a route available towards internet.

Add local subnet vlan ID to WifiWLAN at configuration -> Wlan -> advanced options.

Configure the Switch port where APs are connected as Trunk and allow Local subnet Vlan as member of it.

If still need help, I request you to log a support ticket with us and one of our Engineer will help you on phone.

Ravi Teja