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Any issues with Chromebooks? We're seeing a few cases come in, but nothing definitive yet.

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Checking in with Google, there appear to be some pervasive wifi issues with Chromebooks - particularly the Samsung models. Note that we don't support ChromeOS specifically with Zero-IT (yet).

New Contributor
We are seeing very slow download speeds on our Samsung S5 (303C) Chromebooks. MacBook will gets consistent 80 Mbps up and down and a Chrombook will see less than 20 Mbps down and 60+ up?

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Have you received any resolution to this?

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I'm experiencing issues with the Samsung model Chrome book and the ZF7363's. Placed a case id to evaluate the config/situation. It's not an issue with connecting to the SSID but when 19 of the Chromebooks connect and use the internet is where the performance starts degrading rapidly. My macbook pro is connected via WiFi to the same AP and not 1 packet drops or goes above 30ms.

ZD 3050 with firmware 9.8.2

Did you ever get a resolution to this? We have the same issue. 7962 7982 APs firmware 7.9.2

Not yet an issue as back to school just started