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Any issues with Chromebooks? We're seeing a few cases come in, but nothing definitive yet.

Valued Contributor II
Checking in with Google, there appear to be some pervasive wifi issues with Chromebooks - particularly the Samsung models. Note that we don't support ChromeOS specifically with Zero-IT (yet).

New Contributor II
Seeing a ton of disconnects and roaming from Chromebooks,, Acers.

They also tend to say the connection was refused. ZD 1100 with zoneflex 7372.

New Contributor II
With build build 267, we disabled the 5Ghz on the 7962s and we did see some improvement, however, we upgraded to build 15 and was able to turn on 5Ghz again. Everything seems to be working as intended. Will update again shortly.

Valued Contributor II
9.6.1 should correct these connection issues with 7962.

What about the 7372s? What is the ETA?

Yours is the first report. so not sure it's the same issue. 7962 and 7372 are substantially different hardware. I would recommend opening a support case.