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Announcement: ZoneDirector 9.10.2 MR is available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
The long awaited MR release for ZoneDirector (1100/1200/3000/5000) has been
posted to Support.  This release includes important updates for ZD1100 customers, with new
Zero-IT for Android 5 / Windows 10 and R710 model AP enhancements.

Firmware has been posted asap, and the updated Release Notes will follow shortly.

I upgraded to 9.10.2 MR overnight, and all appears to be well. Windows 10 provisioning works now. That's rather a big relief.

I'm not sure if this is a 9.10.2 thing or if it worked like this before, but the provisioning process is a lot cleaner/intuitive for non-tech people. When I connected to the provisioning SSID, it took me IMMEDIATELY to the signin page for the download (users used to need to try to get to a www website before being redirected to the signin page). Then, when I signed in, the download started immediately (users used to have to click to download). Then, when I ran the installer, it connected my laptop immediately to the appropriate SSID (previously, at least some users had to connect to that SSID manually). Small touches, but nice.
I'm curious of I simply missed these small improvements before, or if it's because of the provisioning being more intuitive because Windows 10 works better with it.

Thanks for your Win10 Zero-IT confirmation Lonnie!

Valued Contributor
Upgraded to build11 on Friday. Seems good.
Monday morning my ZD now recognises iOS again!

from release notes:
• Client Fingerprinting now properly recognizes iOS 9 clients. [ZF-14502]

Means I can reapply Device Access Policy after a long hiatus.

Yes! Thank goodness. The incorrect identification of iOS 9 devices was a major headache for us.

New Contributor
Seems that Zero IT still does not work with android 5 and ... "application not installed".
Has anyone tried?