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Airtime fairness and improving media access

New Contributor III
Hi guys,

Is airtime fairness set by default? We are finding problems with data traffic when AP reach the number of 30.

Let me explain scenario. We have an AP with around 30 fixed CPE clients. Pings are stable but they increase latency (also PER raises) at around 10:00 (when traffic demand increases). Do you have documents or information about congestion? I have seen "wifi stress test" but doesn't clarify me so much.

Version is 9.5.2 build 15. ZD 1100 and 7762 AP. No huge interference in the area. 20 mhz channel.
CPEs work on 5 ghz, nanostation m5.

Valued Contributor II
How many end clients are associated with each of the M5's? Are they acting as wireless extenders in this scenario? And how far are they from the 7762?

New Contributor III
Hi Keith,

usually one client (router) is connected to the M5 via LAN. WDS bridge is the topology.

Distances oscillate between 300 meters to 6 kms.

New Contributor III
More information.

We have already switched on another AP in the same location and balance clients. Problem persists. I see a very high RF Pollution, up to 250 level several times after 10:00 in the morning. Here is also %Airtime in APs (11an radio):

% AirTime (total/busy/RX/TX) 32.0/21.8/9.2/1.4
% AirTime (total/busy/RX/TX) 85.3/35.2/40.9/9.8

snmp information about Rogue APs (ruckusZDWLANRogueTable) doesn't show much interference:
Channel RSSI Type Encrypted SignalStrength
128 15 ap encrypted -80 dBm
120 24 ap open -71 dBm

so, congestion seems to be in our installation. Any clue?


Valued Contributor II
I'm going to recommend opening a support case. However, I do kind of have in my head 6 really loud people all shouting at one really loud person at the same time - I suspect this is a co-channel interference issue, and maybe a variant of the hidden node problem (the M5's likely can't hear each other..)

Airtime fairness is on by default.