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About cross VLAN roaming with the same SSID.

New Contributor
Dear Support team, Good day.

Is there any configuration support cross VLAN roaming with the same SSID.
My agents told me it can’t work on Ruckus.
Is that true?

For example :
Mobile device will disconnect when I go from 9 floor to 11 floor in my office.
The device can’t get new IP from destination AP.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478cc4da_c78d2f469491fe25d8bbab69a0dd49fc_disconnect_inline-31d819ca-962d-4e88-a0eb-bec886581c5e-89386839.png1379999423

VLAN 308 :
VLAN 324 :
VLAN 340 :
VLAN 356 :

My Configuration :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478cc4da_1dee4bbd2de04d6ab159366338bc3262_myConfig1_inline-afdde421-3654-43c4-8531-a2e77c029548-2099328242.png1379999469

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478cc4da_4ec02148d4668169f7dd4ac58b439a12_myConfig2_inline-ddd59a6d-7b55-4f86-9e30-ffde037ff520-61272013.png1379999487

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478cc4da_d2499165f0408bd17a9a07047ae2e825_myConfig3_inline-1b01ee96-21a4-4b67-820b-69742add2030-1976783566.png1379999504

Thank you so much.

Valued Contributor
You can try "Tunnel Mode" under Configure :: WLANs :: Advanced Options

But be careful. There is a limit to what a 1100 can handle. Use at least 3k or 5k for that.