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APs show disconnected status after joining zonedirector

New Contributor

Ruckus 7982 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP
Zonedirector 1100
Firmware Versiono on AP:
Firmware Version on ZD: build 101
I have a Macmini with OSX Server managing DNS/DHCP
DNS Entry: zonedirector.blah.blah
PA-200s and HP Procurves are setup to DHCP Relay to the macmini.
Zonedirector setup to auto approve any requests to join.

I am having troubles deploying the zonedirector 1100 in my environment. When I setup the zd on the same mgmt vlan as the APs it approves the request then the APs completely get taken out. They don't server WLANs and are no longer pingable.

Here is a log for a brand new unconfigured AP:
2014/12/07 16:20:13 High Lost contact with AP[MACADDRESS]
2014/12/07 16:00:13 Medium AP[MACADDRESS] heartbeats lost
2014/12/07 15:57:43 Medium AP[MACADDRESS] joins with uptime [48] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : application reboot]
2014/12/07 15:56:29 Low AP[MACADDRESS] image has been upgraded from [] to []
2014/12/07 15:55:50 Medium AP[MACADDRESS] joins with different firmware/custom file version and is being upgraded.
2014/12/07 15:55:43 Low A new AP[MACADDRESS] requests to join and is automatically approved

After a while I will reset the AP and will notice in the log that it will join and three minutes later will get hearbeat lost.

I have also compared my settings to a similar network at my other office and things look pretty much the same.

Please let me know if you require more information?!

New Contributor
I figured it out.. i had to tag the vlan on the port the ZD was connected to!