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APs across a router from ZD

New Contributor II
This must be really simple but I can't find it anywhere in the manual. We have an existing AP network hanging off a ZD1100, and the customer would now like to add another unit at a remote site, which is of course on the other side of some routers from the main building (we manage their outdoor network as well and latency shouldn't be a problem).

Am I best off introducing the new AP to the ZD first at Admin, then taking it to the remote site? Or is there a way of telling it the IP address of the ZD I want it to talk to - at this stage I don't know if the fairly small remote site has DHCP or I will need to program in the IP info manually to the AP.

Valued Contributor II
This article should help you out -

Basically this tells the AP which IP address to connect to vs using the normal discovery methods.

New Contributor II
Thanks Keith

I suspected I might need to go into the CLI and do something there, even though I haven't seen a list of available commands I have found some things on the 7731 we can do there that aren't available through the web menu. This should be exactly what I need.