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AP2942 disconnection

New Contributor II
iv been experiencing client disconnection from my AP 2942, software version:

this has been happening for the past 2 weeks already, restarting the AP seems to solve the issue. but i cant simply do manual restart every time it happens.

Valued Contributor II
Dear zildjian,

With limited info you have provided, i think you can try the following:

--> upgrade your AP to latest version. Keep an eye post upgrade on how thing progresses
--> If you see still see same issue then check if AP is running on Auto channel or not. If it is then channelfly(CF) is ON which means that if your site got sources of interferences the channel fly feature will go for a channel change to find a better channel with better performance. this results in client disconnects. You can disable channelfly by selecting a manual channel. Read more on channelfly here -->‎

If you still see same issue after disabling CF and upgrade to latest version, there is a potential hardware issue and need to report this case to Ruckus wireless support.

Hope this helps