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AP groups ? Can I add an AP to more than one AP group?

Contributor II
Can I add an AP to more than one AP group? If so, how?

I want to create an SSID that allows special custom AP channel settings. But I also want the same APs to function as part of the default AP group with factory AP channel settings.

Any thoughts?

Valued Contributor
That's not in there, and probably for a good reason.

Why do you need 2 different channel settings? I defies logic. What kind and for what reason. I've never heard of such a request from anyone, so I'm curious 🙂

Contributor II
Reasonable question Primož Marinšek.

See / compare:

I would like to maximize the use of all our APs (zd3000/zf7982).

For the most part, our Androids and Win 7 clients work with Ruckus' default AP/WLAN settings. I wanted to create a custom WLAN for the iOS devices but I did not want to remove one or more of our APs from the larger default pool of APs that all my clients access. I would then instruct the iOS clients to use one specific SSID as we test and tweak the channelization and channels, etc, etc for those iOS clients. My theory, this would be less disruptive to the majority clients and also them the broadest radio support they deserve. The iOS SSID would be the restrictive narrow range radio version.

BTW: Ruckus claim for out-of-the box easy setup is only true if you do not use Apple products and there may be other exceptions.

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Hmm... don't think that will be possible. I think the only way to do it is by installing another AP and have it broadcast only one SSID to which only iOS will associate to. Then you can play with it as you wish.

I think that the proper way to do it. There will be no disruption for other clients at all. Capacity will be reduced a bit, but probably won't be noticeable.

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I can't well understand the definition of AP Group.
I am trying to understand the different levels of centralized management offered by a few players.

Can the AP group in Ruckus be user in the same way as the Network in Meraki or Tanaza? Or it is something more flexible?

I mean... I sometimes need to have centralized configurations and use similar tools to groups, but sometimes I'd like to maintain an AP within the group but make it behaving differently.

Where can I find some documentation / video?