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AP-ZD lost connectivity.

New Contributor

My current version of the zonedirector 5000 is build 148, and the Ap's is 
we have almost 300 Ap's connected to this Zonedirector and they all were disconnected at the same time 

No network changes were done 

Note* this is the second time that I face this issue, what should we do.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Ashraf,

Do you see any common event in the AP supportinfo logs of different AP's when this issue was reported?
As you mentioned all AP's were disconnected at the same time, were you able to Ping SSH in to the AP's at the time when disconnect was observed?
Were you able to login to the ZD from the network when this issue was seen?
Have you noticed any port flap on ZD uplink port or any STP event?

I would recommend you creating a support case with above information, few supportinfo files of the AP's and ZD debug log to investigate the root cause. Please do share exact timings on when this outage was observed?


ZD debugs, AP support info logs, and were there any general Network issues/outages, planned or otherwise, at the time the APs show losing heartbeats?