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A way to use 10MHz channels

Valued Contributor

I'd like to use 10MHz wide channels on bridges and out-door APs on 5GHz (7762 all models).

I know I can use some 10MHz channels on bridges, but available cahnnels are limited and I would need as much of the 5GHz spectrum as possible. And also is there a way to do it on APs?

Esteemed Contributor II
10 MHz channelization is not supported on Ruckus APs.

The RF hardware doesn't really support 10MHz, so the implementation would
require software to filter out unnecessary signals, with filtering overhead.

Some may perceive that for 10MHz one channel can be divided in two, but they
will actually transparently interfere with each other.

You can submit a Feature Request, but engineering might not wish to consider it.

Valued Contributor
OK, thanks for the answer.

What I was thinking about is to use 10MHz channelization for MESH links only. We are looking at a project with a potentially very limited BW and EIRP in the 5GHz band and we're looking for various options on channel reuse.

But if there are limitations we'll figure something different out. Anyone got MacGyvers phone number? :)